The Cult Brand Whisperer Behind Casper, Allbirds, And Birchbox

In 2013, the patent for finasteride, the active ingredient in male-pattern-baldness medication Propecia, expired. This might seem an unlikely development to send ripples across the nimble, young world of startups, but within a couple of years, a handful of entrepreneurs were zeroing in on hair loss as a zone ripe for disruption. Among them were Steven Gutentag and Demetri Karagas, ex-Google employees who were losing their own hair.

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Because Hair Loss is Easier to Prevent Than to Reverse

A new brand is focusing on early intervention. Keeps offers online diagnoses and regular deliveries of subtly packaged, low-priced prescription medication.


This Company Wants to Help You to Keep the Hair You Have

Since time immemorial, guys have been trying to figure out what to do about hair loss. And with good reason—whether you wanted to express devotion to an unseen deity, convey wealth or fertility, or even just let people think "this guy's probably in a band," growing a full head of long and healthy hair has traditionally been a great way to do it. But as many guys have learned, nature tends to have other plans.

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Keeps Offers Simplified Hair-Loss Prevention

Founded by two former Google employees, the brand is backed by executives from Net-a-Porter, Birchbox and Maveron.

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This Hair-Loss Startup Is Part of a Growing Trend of Ecommerce Personalization

These days, consumers can order a personalized hair regimen, curated beauty products and now, a treatment plan to stop hair loss. Keeps is a startup focused on preventing men’s hair loss, rather than bringing hair back.

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Keeps Is Changing the Game When It Comes to Men’s Hair Loss

Launching this week, Keeps—a revolutionary grooming line based entirely online—allows men facing hair loss to avoid embarrassing interactions with pharmacists and store clerks.

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Online Startup Personalizes Hair Loss Treatments For Men

Keeps offers a personalized digital shopping experience for men to get individualized treatment plans to prevent hair loss.

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