We founded Keeps for one reason: to help more men keep more hair.

Our story

For us, hair loss came as a shock.

Steve and Demetri met in the first week of college, back when they both had very full heads of hair. Flash forward 10 years, when the duo had already proven themselves as seasoned entrepreneurs (having founded and sold the NYC on-demand cleaning service Get Maid) and when Demetri not-so-subtly pointed out Steve's thinning hair. Together, they set out in search of a convenient, effective and affordable solution for men’s hair loss – and found none. With that, Keeps was born.

Steve and Demetri

Steve Gutentag and Demetri Karagas
Our values
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and ease

Keeps is designed for guys like Steve and Demetri – guys who want to stop hair loss and then get back to their lives. That’s why they created the first simple, modern solution focused on making it easier and more affordable for men to take action and keep their hair. No jargon. No hoops to jump through. No skeevy before and after shots.

Finding the right treatment for you

Whether it’s laser helmets (yes, they exist) or gummy vitamins, there’s a lot of stuff on the market that doesn't work and plays into guys' worst insecurities. Keeps only sells products proven to work (and approved by the FDA) and partners with top doctors who review each case to make sure you’re getting exactly what get you need, and nothing you don't.

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Keeping it high quality, low cost

You shouldn’t have to go broke to avoid going bald. By building our own supply chain and selling directly to you, we can provide the highest quality of care while offering treatments that are half the price you would pay at a typical pharmacy.

Our medical advisors
Jerry shapiro

Jerry Shapiro, MD

Dr. Shapiro is one of the most experienced hair dermatologists in the world and a Professor of Dermatology at NYU School of Medicine. He has authored 150 peer-reviewed papers and 3 books, including Hair Loss: Principles of Diagnosis and Management of Alopecia.

Antonella tosti

Antonella Tosti, MD

Dr. Tosti is a world renowned expert in hair disorders and a Professor of Clinical Dermatology at the University of Miami. She's the author of Dermoscopy of Hair and Scalp Disorders as well as over 600 scientific publications. She even has a hair disorder named after her. (It’s “Tosti alopecia,” in case you were wondering.)